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The use and operation of micro tillage machine
- Sep 25, 2017 -

1, before running and running, in order to prolong the service life of the micro tillage machine, the new machine must be running test run before use. Tighten the connection of various parts of the micro tillage machine, add fuel, lubricating oil and water, check and adjust the tension of the v-belt. Check the tire pressure and check the operation of the handles.

2, the basic principle of running speed from low to high, from 

3, the purpose of load running in good condition and the technical condition of lubricating oil, the load increased by slow, gradually remove parts with uneven surface, for the normal use of micro tillage machine and prolong the service life of foundation.

4, running in and running notes

(1) running in must be repeated braking and steering test, and check whether the normal operation of the control mechanism. 

(2) after the running is finished, the oil in the bottom of the diesel engine and the bottom of the engine should be removed. Clean the oil pan and parts of the lubricating oil system, clean the filter, then add new oil, add a proper amount of diesel in the chassis, empty the car for a few minutes to clean, to remove the grinding iron filings. 

(3) check and tighten the cylinder head nut and other nuts and screws. 

(4) check and adjust the valve clearance, the free travel of clutch and brake. 

(5) after the overhaul of the hand micro cultivator should also run, the running in specifications can be stipulated in half execution.