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There is no worries with one tillers
- Sep 30, 2017 -

    Furrowing machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient adjustment, reliable operation, high efficiency, multifunction, adaptability, is widely used in a lot of planting industry, played a huge role in agricultural production, the following Xiaobian to introduce specific furrowing machine in planting effect. The width of the banking machine according to the actual use of width adjustment. Our machine has applied many advanced technologies in design and manufacture. 

    It not only can accomplish many functions, but also can tow trailers for short distance transportation. The machine is adaptable to the ground, paddy fields, slopes, mountains, greenhouses and other terrains. In the use of banking machine before we will connect the rotary cutting tools in machine output shaft through a positioning screw. When the machine is being cultivated, change the equipment according to the function you want to achieve, and remember to put on safety ditch protection cover. Farming operation temperature furrowing machine to maintain low temperature, so that the machine is not easy to use bad.