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Thinking caused by wounding of micro tillage machine
- Oct 18, 2017 -

In recent years, the state invested a large amount of money for farmers to purchase agricultural machinery subsidies, the implementation of this Huimin policy, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to buy and use micro tillage machine. However, it is worth paying attention to, the purchase of farmers' "hot" and operation skills training "cold" in stark contrast, lack of operation skills training, for the purchase of people buried a lot of unsafe hidden dangers. Not long ago, Hanyuan County rich farmer Li Hongwei Town, happily buy a tiller, but because the purchase are not after operation before and after the training, only an acquaintance at a one or two hour, he will have to buy micro tillage machine into the field of farming, the results is almost micro tillage machine bite out of life. It is understood that the first person Li Hongwei not be micro farming machine damage. Last year, the town is a 40 year old farmer also died in the improper operation of micro tillage machine under the plow blade. Micro cultivator wounding incidents, we have to consider. Agricultural machinery use training is imminent. Since the implementation of the state purchase subsidy policy, the enthusiasm of the majority of farmers has been aroused, and the enthusiasm of farmers purchasing is gratifying and worrying. The joy is that farmers buy the benefits, to find a good helper, worry is that once the training did not keep up, it will bury the security risks. Although the agricultural sector in the form of a document issued by the relevant regulations, requirements of farmers purchase agricultural machinery dealers responsible for operation skill training, and until the church and carry out inspection and supervision of the implementation, but due to financial difficulties and other inspection work is often to listen to the report and the dealer asked at random purchase households to complete, not to remote for a detailed understanding of the mountain farm. "We will agricultural machinery wounding incident reported to the competent authorities, I hope the higher authorities can increase the input of agricultural machinery operation technology training." The responsible person told us that the next step will be to supervise agricultural dealers to purchase household training as the most, if not the implementation of training, the dealer will suspend purchase subsidy eligibility, at the same time, to the farm machinery safe operation, as an important work for the tangible things to avoid accident happening again hurt agricultural.