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tillage machine for rotary tillage technology in Greenhouse
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Greenhouse vegetable is an important part of agriculture, agricultural facilities, the superiority of four high output efficiency and avoid the disaster and the harm is more and more farmers recognized and accepted. Since 2009, with Jilin Province million acres of plastic films vegetables development planning and supporting incentive policies by double pull policy and market, agricultural economy rapid development, greenhouse vegetable industry has become the promotion of farmers a new profit growth point. Popularize greenhouse vegetable production mechanization, to replace the human machine, in reducing labor intensity and production cost and improve production efficiency and economic benefits, has become the inevitable trend of development of large-scale greenhouse vegetable production.

Because the structure and plow micro tillage machine. So different operation methods are not the same. There are three kinds of operation methods commonly used.

Shuttle plowing

Tractors move from one side of the block to the other. This method is simple and easy, but every time the tractor reaches the end of the field, it is necessary to turn a small curve. The efficiency is relatively low

Centripetal tillage

From one side of the tractor into the land. Circling around. The land along the rotary tillage not gradually reduced. Finally by tillage plots were intermediate. This method is less. Blank lines after tillage and smooth the surface. Less tillage leakage. A method of paddy field rotary is often used. It should be noted that, when turning to the micro cultivator lift. Prevents the blade or knife shaft torsion touchdown damage.

Single zone tillage method tilling method

At each end of farming after a trip to leave a wide plowing plow to edge. Then turn left till later. Those who did not land. The time interval of a tilling method is plowing width three times. Then in turn tillage before tillage twice left uncultivated land. Until the end. 3-5 interval ploughing tillage width the district is a district that tilling method after tillage. Then the next farming community.