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Transmission box structure of countryside management tiller
- Nov 03, 2017 -

1, pastoral management transmission box is divided into upper and lower structure for the gearbox, to walk between the gearbox and the walking box, box connected with bolts; 

2, gearbox using Aluminum Alloy low pressure casting, durable; 

3, walking machine cast ductile iron casting with iron or sand, life more extension; 

4, pastoral management of the transmission box of 5 shafts, with 3 double gear and two sets of bevel gear to shift and the change of the direction of power transmission. The above brief talk about the pastoral management machine transmission box structure, more about the rural management machine related knowledge, please pay attention to the website, we will update in time. 

Peasant farming pastoral management is commonly used in agricultural machinery, machine with small diesel or gasoline powered, with multiple functions, simple structure and light weight, small size and other advantages, the above is about the rotating box structure of pastoral management is introduced, more knowledge we continue to show through.