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Using skills of tilling machine
- Jul 11, 2017 -

1. speed selection

According to the different farming conditions, selection of tractor speed gear and a rotary cultivator. The tractor generally adopts forward gear or gear, and only two kinds of high and low speed rotary cultivator.

2. tillage depth adjustment, the adjustment of the depth of the tractor is controlled by the tail wheel. When farming, according to different soil constantly adjust, as far as possible to make the whole field to maintain the same depth of tillage, tillage depth adjustment range of 12 - 16 cm. When adjusting, the length of the inner pipe can not exceed 100 millimeters, otherwise the tail wheel will be out of the screw, which makes the inner pipe bend because of too much force.

3. cultivated land method

(1) returning tillage. General from the tractor into the field side, then circle inward tillage, finally pulled out from the central field.

(2) tilling method. A lot of tilling method using interval tilling method.

(3) shuttle tillage. The tractor enters from side to back and forth. In this way, the tractor turns at the edge of the field.

4. reasonable operation

(1) the clutch handle should be loosened at the beginning to prevent the shaft from being impacted by the impact load, which will cause the damage of the transmission chain and other parts.

(2) when plowing, use the end wheel pedal to control the direction. Do not press the steering clutch easily.

(3 sharp turn, should press one side of the steering clutch, and at the same time push hard on the tail wheel, pedal.

(4) excessive load caused by tractor rotary cultivator, black smoke, can reduce the depth or reduce the tractor gear to be excluded.

(5) when the rotary tiller is more ridge, climbing without tillage, rotary cultivator should be stopped, to prevent the destruction of the ridge.

5. maintenance

(1) farming, each part should tighten the nut and bolt; check the gear box oil, when necessary to add gear oil; check the seal failure, the failure should be open for cleaning, and add the lubricating oil; check the blade of excessive wear, excessive wear, should be replaced.

(2) during cultivation, the water level of the tractor water tank should be checked regularly, and the cooling water shall be continuously added. The blade shall be examined for heavy winding and removed periodically, and the loosening of the blade bolt shall be checked.

(3) after cultivation, to completely remove the dirt on the tiller; check the oil seal, to be replaced when necessary; blades should be disassembled and stored indoors; open storage should choose the higher, the body should be added to cover, to prevent rain and snow.