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We need to understand the knowledge of micro tillage tillers
- Oct 10, 2017 -

   1. micro tillage machine in the cultivation of the first to look at the engine, transmission box, rotary tillage box, air filter, drive chain shaft and other parts of the oil and lubricating oil situation. 

    2.Shandong micro tillage machine must pass through the running in, the time is 60 hours, during this period can not exceed speed, overload work. 

    3.the machine should not be used for more than 20 hours, the engine and transmission will be replaced with lubricating oil, and then every 50 hours after the job is replaced again. 

    4. check the cooling water (diesel engine cold) 

    5. regular cleaning and replacement of the air filter, fuel filter, oil filter 

    6. to check the Shandong micro farming machine operation position is flexible, bolt and nut is loose, fall off or oil leakage phenomenon, the bolts and movable parts of every 30-50 hours, must add the lubricating oil. 

    7. to refer to the instructions of the engine to maintain the engine, the use of the provisions of the engine lubricating oil.