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What are the main features of micro tillage machines?
- Sep 16, 2017 -

The micro cultivator takes the small diesel engine or the gasoline engine as the power, has the light weight, the small volume, the simple structure and so on characteristics. Micro tillage machine is widely used in the plains, mountains, hills of dry land, paddy fields, orchards and so on. As the main equipment for mechanized farming in hilly areas, micro tillage machines are irreplaceable at present and have always been the focus of farmers' purchase in Hilly areas. Then, what are the characteristics and advantages of the micro tillage machine, so that it becomes the focus of the farmers in the hilly areas? First of all, from the structure of the micro tillage machine, the micro tillage machine, compared with other farm machinery, has the characteristics of small size, simple structure, easy operation, large output power, good comprehensive utilization and so on. It is mainly composed of engine, transmission work and control parts. Engine is the power source of micro tillage machine, mainly gasoline and diesel two, the general power in 2.2 ~ 5. Between the 1KW, are single cylinder machines. Transmission system is the role of transmission power, reduce speed and increase torque, mainly transmission box, pulley or sprocket and triangle belt or chain. Working parts: mainly rotary tillage knife assembly, including rotary tillage cutter shaft, rotary tillage knife and pin. Rotary blade axis is generally cylindrical tube and the handle seat welding, is used to install the rotary blade. Rotary blade cutting parts of the rotary is divided into L type and L type rectangular knife knife obtuse. Select the rectangular knife knife buried obtuse good soil good performance, saving the hard block when applied to land plots is not too hard.