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What should we do if the tillers went broke
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine mainly is mainly used to field fertilization sowing and weeding operations, has the characteristics of small volume and flexible operation is an ideal mechanical field instead of animal. The use of the process will inevitably encounter some problems, the following brief introduction, the engine does not work, how to solve?.

1, check the fuel generator is running out, if yes, to refuel in time.

2, check the engine startup sequence is correct, check whether the boot disk can be used properly.

3, check the engine compression is good, the elimination method is not to pull down the pressure control lever, hand rotation check the recoil force.

4, if the micro tillage machine for the gasoline engine, check whether the ignition is normal, the oil road is blocked, etc.

5, if the micro tillage machine for diesel engines, check whether the fuel injection is not out, the exclusion method is to check whether the nozzle is stuck.

Micro tillage machine used in the process, we should always pay attention to the use of safe, efficient work so that the machine can maintain a long time, if there is a problem can not be resolved, can give the customer service phone manufacturers, manufacturers will give you to solve