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With the start of the engine shutdown furrowing machine
- Sep 16, 2017 -

Furrowing machine is the advantage of small volume and light weight, high efficiency, multifunction rotary rotary flexible and convenient transfer, suitable for mountain and dry land, paddy field and vegetable garden for orchards and greenhouses work, is an ideal micro agriculture machine. Furrowing machine is more, the machine can be said to be the use of a machine type, it is the basic function of rotary tillage, ridge ditching and transportation, also with other Pakistan equipment can also be pumped power and spraying, harvesting and threshing threshing. Start: fuel switch to open the first furrowing machine, the machine and the removal of temporary green belt handle to start reversing orientation, and hold the construction area is about 50 meters long recoil from it. In the cold winter, micro tillage machine is not easy to start, then we remove the machine on cylinder head cover gas plug, adding about 2 ml of oil inside. Furrowing machine to start the engine needed before a few minutes. Shutdown: first the machine speed regulation control handle to reverse the low-speed orientation, the multifunctional machine furrowing to achieve zero load running for 5 minutes, then turn to the machine speed regulating handle "stop", must not use the handle to stop after decompression done to make the machine in order to alleviate the pressure under the bridge ramp will reverse back to the fuel switch to the "off" position.