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Xihua vigorously promote conservation tillage machinery
- Jul 11, 2017 -

"Comparison of the use of conservation tillage operations and the use of traditional farming practices compared to mu to reduce the input and crop yield two income up to 120 yuan." Yesterday, Xihua County Agricultural Bureau, a person in charge

The county agricultural machinery sector to purchase subsidies for agricultural procurement as the starting point, the use of radio, television, government websites, leaflets, publicity vehicles and other forms, and more initiatives to promote agricultural subsidies to purchase policies to vigorously promote the straw crushing machine, Soil preparation machine, no-tillage planter, pick up balers and other conservation tillage machines, and effectively solve the problem of comprehensive utilization of straw and other issues.

According to the relevant person in charge of the county agricultural bureau, through the promotion of the use of conservation tillage operations will effectively improve the soil structure, fertility, improve crop lodging resistance, increase food production, in particular, put an end to the phenomenon of burning straw, reduce security risks, Ecological environment, and promote sustainable development of agriculture. Up to now, the county has issued 2200 promotional materials, to promote the straw crushing machine 158, deep loom and no-tillage planter 21.