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2016 Purchase Of Agricultural Tiller Will Continue To Innovate
- Oct 10, 2017 -

   The Ministry of agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization Management Secretary Li Weiguo stressed that the "13th Five-Year" period, the work of agricultural mechanization should conscientiously implement the innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five development ideas put forward in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. 2016, the purchase of agricultural subsidies will continue to innovate, in the direction of subsidies, the implementation of the nine word policy: shrink range, drop quota, open to open. In late May, Feidong officially launched the 2016 purchase of agricultural subsidies applications accepted. Purchase of agricultural subsidies is a Huimin policy, people are concerned about the event, to ensure open, fair and orderly, Feidong County Duocuobingju, through scientific planning, optimize the operation process, service innovation methods, highlighting the pragmatic and honest people, constantly improve the quality and speed, and steadily push forward the agricultural subsidies to purchase the work smoothly carry out. 

   The collective decision scheme to promote the purchase of agricultural subsidies policy norms, efficient implementation, County Agricultural Bureau on the basis of full investigation, according to the Provincial Bureau views the implementation of subsidies, combined with Feidong County, new year new requirements, many times with the county finance department consultation, subsidy plan together (Draft) submitted to the county agricultural subsidies leadership the research team. Subsidies for the purchase of the leading group work conference held in the county agricultural meeting on May 11th, after repeated discussions, through the study of discretion, "Feidong County in the year 2016 the central government subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery implementation plan", involving the purchase of agricultural subsidies in the scope of subsidies, subsidies for equipment, key and open funding arrangements, subsidies and other major issues were determined decided by the leading group study. Promoting open to shrink the range to ensure the grain production, promote agricultural production structure optimization oriented, promote the development of the key link of crop production mechanization in Feidong County in 2016, the type of equipment subsidies last year further reduced to 4 class 10 class 17 items, involving planting and fertilizing machine, field management machinery harvesting machinery and power machinery 4 categories. 

   The rice planting machinery, straw machine, grain harvester, tractor (80 horsepower and above) as a key tool for rice transplanting machine, the implementation of limited open subsidies straw crushing returning machine. By further reducing the scope of the protection of key and weak links of agricultural mechanization production, to ensure that the work of open subsidies in place. Innovative publicity, full coverage of "six in one" new way, comprehensive coverage of the audience. "The approval of Feidong County in 2016 the central government subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery implementation plan", the County Agricultural Bureau to act quickly, through rural radio, television, newspapers, agricultural net, WeChat public, township and village open column wide publicity, comprehensive coverage of all types of media audience groups, full understanding of the 2016 agricultural county of Feidong machinery purchase subsidy policy; through the grading of county and township and village held a special meeting, the issuance of promotional announcements, brochures, set up desk, science fair, hanging banners and other forms of in-depth information from different channels to expand awareness, to ensure that agricultural subsidies to villages and households, farmers timely and accurate understanding of the subsidy policy set by column; County Agricultural Mechanization website, WeChat public platform and other media published the policy of agricultural subsidies to agricultural hand telephone consultation, timely find ways of consultation Call any time. Until now, with "Feidong County agricultural subsidies in 2016 announcement", "Feidong County purchase of agricultural subsidies in 2016," Feidong county "brochure of agricultural subsidies warning of anti-corruption education reading", "Feidong county main crops Mechanized Straw technical points" and other more than 26000 copies of promotional materials, "recorded in Feidong County purchase of agricultural subsidies in 2016 announcement" and by the village, the town of radio play more than 1000 times, farmers receive telephone counseling hundreds of times. 

    Control of risk warning education around the purchase of agricultural subsidies, priorities and key links, County Agricultural Bureau, according to the work flow, careful investigation, analysis and investigation of the risk, establish a system of standardized and perfect effective prevention and control of the risk of agricultural subsidies. In May 19th, the convening of the county agricultural subsidies and warning education work conference, the full deployment of the 2016 purchase of agricultural subsidies, and carry out a warning education of the county agricultural system of cadres and workers, and issued the "Feidong County agricultural machinery subsidies anti-corruption warning education to further enhance the reader", the consciousness of employees, build a strong the risk defense. The "one-stop" service for the convenience and benefit, do not mistake the farming season, Feidong County agricultural sector to continue to implement the purchase of agricultural subsidies for the "one-stop" service. County Agricultural Bureau deployment plan in advance, complete equipment, reasonable allocation of personnel, scientific design process, do subsidies work smoothly, for farmers to work smoothly. 

    Subsidies for staff to apply for a large number of farmers and concentrated situation, take the initiative to work overtime to ensure that applicants "ask, answer, answer, understand", "to come, do, do, can do."". Truly optimize the process, a station for convenience. Full supervision of justice, in order to ensure the purchase of agricultural subsidies standardized, orderly, fair and equitable implementation, the County Agricultural Bureau to implement: first, strengthen supervision and management. During the acceptance of subsidies, the initiative to invite the county discipline work site inspections, implement supervision and management, deadline, by the discipline committee, the agricultural sector leaders with the purchase of office is responsible for the joint review implement the registration form and seal; two, standard operating procedures.