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A Leader In Agricultural Machinery -- Micro Farming Cultivator Tiller
- Sep 27, 2017 -

    Micro tillage machine belongs to small machinery, so very many users favorite friend, because he can liberate much labor, convenient and flexible and multifunctional micro tillage machine for ploughing fields is no longer physical work. Before the novice operates the micro cultivator, there must be special operators to guide the side to ensure the safe operation of the machine, so as to prevent damage to the machine during operation. Because the working environment of the micro tillage machine is bad, the maintenance must be in place, and the quality of maintenance is related to the working efficiency and service life of the machine. 

    For the user to save a lot of time, you can do other work, it is time-saving and labor-saving, micro tillage machine, the farmer's good helper. The state has vigorously developed agriculture and ushered in a market opportunity for the development of micro tillage machines, and the state subsidies for agricultural machinery are getting better and better. The micro tillage machine should pay attention to maintenance when it is not in use, remove all the soil, weed and dust in the storage, and apply antirust oil to the working parts. In the absence of skilled operators at the scene, others are not operable under micro tillage machines. Buy a convenient, flexible, full-featured micro tillage machine. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, light weight, small size, simple structure, etc. the utility model is the most commonly used agricultural machine in the field of cultivated land sowing at present.