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Analysis Of Micro Tillage Tiller Fault
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine is widely used because of its convenient operation. Have you ever thought, anyway, operation, it is slow start, or even not work, then how to do? Here is to explain the analysis of micro tillage machine fault. 

  1. look at the decompression hand handle of the micro tillage machine. If the decompression handle of the micro tillage machine is not opened, it is difficult to start the engine of the machine,affecting the starting speed of the machine.

  2. Check the location of the oil, if the amount of oil is insufficient to meet the normal demand standards, the engine starts without enough oil supply, but also roughly slow start speed of micro tillage machine.

  3. See whether the crankshaft bearing damage, if the damage beyond the normal range of bearing, will also affect the normal use of the machine.

  4. Look at the cylinder liner of the machine, if the cylinder liner is pulled, it will cause the machine to start more difficult. Through these four steps, I believe that most of the problems can be solved.