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Can We Use The Cultivator Tiller If The Soil Is Too Hard?
- Sep 17, 2017 -

   Because micro tillage machine models is small, there is no motivation to those large machinery, so there are a lot of customers and friends question: if the field soil is too hard, you can use the micro farming machine? The answer is yes, it is totally available. For the hard soil, launched a market direct diesel section micro tillage machine, the tiller to diesel powered than enough power; the depth regulating mechanism comprises a handle, a chain wheel and a chain, by changing the height of the main frame can adjust working depth; construction machinery broken, loose or cracked chisel the hard soil layer with loose soil teeth, can be hard to loose soil, suitable for large, medium and small area of the rotary tillage and weeding. The structure of the diesel micro tillage machine comprises a frame, a diesel engine arranged on the frame, a driving wheel and a tillage tool. The micro farming machine can climb, the more ridge, step is strong, have good adaptability to all kinds of soil, is ideal for small households of modern agricultural machinery.