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Causes Micro Cultivator Abnormal Tire Wear
- Sep 17, 2017 -

    The tire wear of micro tillage machine is mainly caused by the friction force between the tyre and the ground. If the tires are used improperly or the location is not correct, abnormal wear and tear will occur. Common abnormal wear is as follows:

    1. Early wear of the middle part of the tire: the main reason is excessive inflation. Proper increase of tire inflation can reduce rolling resistance and save fuel. But when the volume of inflation is too large, it not only affects the damping performance of the tire, but also makes the tire deformation too large, and the contact area with the ground decreases. Normal wear can only be carried out in the middle of the tread, forming early wear. 

    2, both sides of the tire wear too much: the main reason is insufficient inflation, or long-term overload. When the volume of charging is small or the load is heavy, the contact surface between the tyre and the ground is large, so that the two sides of the tyre are contacted with the ground and work in order to form early wear.

    3, the side of the tire wear too much: the main reason is the tire alignment error. When the camber is too large, the outside of the tyre forms early wear, and when the camber is too small or no, the inner edge of the tyre forms early wear.