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Chongqing City Will Build China's Micro Tillage Machine Capital
- Oct 19, 2017 -

   The micro tillage mechanism in Chongqing has been developing rapidly and healthy in recent years, and is far ahead in the domestic industry. In 2011, there were about 100 micro tillage machine manufacturers in Chongqing, with a total output of about 700000 units, accounting for 1/2 of the total output of micro tillage machines in china. Sheng, Weimaraner, Bashan, Zongshen and other brands with annual sales of more than 50 thousand taiwan. In 2012, Chongqing has 49 enterprises of micro tillage machine products into the "2012-2014 years of national support for the promotion of agricultural machinery product catalog", very eye-catching. There are two outstanding features of micro tillage machines in Chongqing. First, the beginning of extraordinary, two is gorgeous products, often referred to as the Royal aristocracy. There is a reason for this. Chongqing is the base of motorcycle, small engine, export base and spare parts supporting base. With the implementation of the national agricultural subsidy policy and the structural shortage of rural labor force, the market demand of micro tillage machine has increased rapidly. 

    In this situation, some motorcycle enterprises and small gasoline engine power enterprises in Chongqing seize market opportunities, use their own advantages, began to produce and sell micro tillage machine. These enterprises before entering the agricultural machinery industry, has been more advanced and perfect equipment manufacturing and processing capacity, small engine and gearbox of micro tillage machine two core components are their own production, the initiative produced entirely in its own hands. Regardless of their production capacity, most of them in the spacious factory assembly line, rarely spread the type of workshop production, so as to ensure the production of products and assembly quality. Because of making a good foundation, the products of metal parts and exterior and exterior pieces are adopted plating or paint production, not to see the painting and manual brush painting, very beautiful product appearance. The majority of these enterprises have formed a perfect enterprise management system and quality assurance system, supporting the supply chain maturity, even parts of the barcode label management of production, it is difficult to see in other small agricultural machinery industry. 

    They said, we are using the equipment to produce luxury motorcycles to produce micro tillage machines, the starting point of the product must be high. Chongqing micro tillage machine enterprises also gathered a group of R & D personnel, and constantly develop new products. In the showroom of an enterprise, there are more than 20 varieties of micro tillage machines. Gasoline, diesel, electric power supply; power machine horizontal, vertical, a variety of transmission forms; paddy field, dry land, hilly, facilities within the use of a dazzling array. There is also the homogenization of products, but the innovation consciousness of each enterprise is very strong, and always show every innovation and difference of the product. Another highlight of the micro farming mechanism in Chongqing is the successful opening up of the international market. The motorcycle industry training business talents play a role in the agricultural export, Chongqing micro farming machine exports at a fast rate of growth, have been exported to Italy, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia and other places. Among them, Chongqing Weima cheerful agriculture machinery corp in 2011 production of micro tillage machine 120 thousand units, exports reached 90 thousand units. 

    Chongqing Municipal People's government attaches great importance to and support the development of micro tillage machines. Last year, the city's Agricultural Machinery Industry Park began construction, according to the plan, the Industrial Park "12th Five-Year" period will invest 20 billion yuan. The municipal government has provided financial and policy support in many aspects, such as the export of micro tillage machines and the innovation of science and technology. The government studies the core technology of special energy-saving engine for micro tillage machine, develops special power oil for micro tillage machine, and promotes the continuous improvement of the industry. Chongqing Municipal Agricultural Office proposed micro farming confidential big to small, develop, to "go out of the mountains across the ocean", now famous at home and abroad. This year, the agricultural machinery office will organize enterprises to participate in the national agricultural machinery exhibition, expanding the impact of Chongqing brand. They also put forward to use their own advantages, to build "China micro tillage machine capital", bigger and stronger micro tillage machine industry.