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Disassembly And Maintenance Of Micro Tillage Tiller
- Nov 02, 2017 -

   As a new agricultural machinery, micro tillage tiller has been accepted by the majority of farmers, and gradually become an indispensable agricultural machinery for farmers. All sell buy farmers also be in full swing, like a raging fire. However, due to the micro tillage machine used by the engine 90% is Aluminum Alloy shell engine, with fine workmanship, maintenance requirements are higher, so to understand the micro farming machine disassembly and maintenance, in order to make the work better for our micro cultivator. 

    1, first of all must pay attention to the site, machine cleaning. Micro tillage tiller working environment is more soil, so when the micro tillage machine has a fault, to choose a clean site, the machine clean and repair, otherwise, a small component may lose time mistakenly. 

    2. Analysis of the causes of micro tillage tiller failure. All the fault has a reason to find out the cause,cure. Otherwise it could cause more losses. 

    3. Tool preparation and selection of micro tillage machine. This machine has many places must be disassembled and disassembled by special tools, otherwise it is easy to be damaged, and must not be disassembled and assembled by force. So to choose the right tools and ready. 

    4, micro farming machine disassembly principles: the first assembly parts, divided according to order. At the same time, attention should be paid to the marking, clearance, direction and the return of the screws. When necessary, a mark or record can be made with a pen. 

    5, Assembly. Clean all the accessories, assemble them in reverse order, the last one is not enough, a lot. In our industry, the price is only one of the means of market competition, the company has strong technical strength, advanced equipment, as much as possible for the user to save equipment investment, mutual benefit and cooperation, work together to create brilliant!