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Fault Analysis And Elimination Measures Of Micro Tillage Tiller
- Oct 31, 2017 -

   Micro tillage machine is a new type of mechanical equipment in agricultural production. Its appearance has greatly improved the production efficiency. When the micro tillage machine can not work normally, the general situation is that the following aspects need to be examined, the following small introduction to the micro tillage machine fault analysis and elimination measures. 

   One is to check if the engine is compressed, and the method is to replace the piston ring.


   Two is to check whether the engine oil deterioration or less, the treatment is to replace or supplement the oil. 

   Three is to check whether the air filter is blocked, the method is to clean the filter; 

   Four is for the diesel engine, check the fuel supply time and valve clearance is correct, and then adjust. 

   Five is to check if the gasoline engine ignition advance angle meets the requirements, whether rich or lean oil etc.. The micro farming machine fault analysis and elimination measures to share, hope for your reference, our company adhering to the "customer first, integrity management" business philosophy, the rapid development in promoting the company to expand sales at the same time, always do not forget to enhance the quality of the staff. To strengthen staff skills training, strong push advocacy and technical personnel training and enterprise culture!