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Fault Analysis Of Garden Management Tiller
- Oct 19, 2017 -

   We are a specialized in pastoral management of the company, we have a broad market to the satisfaction of products, we will continue to adhere to let more customers, constantly striving for perfection. The following small for you to explain the failure analysis of pastoral management.

    A common fault: diesel. Diesel atomization atomization in addition to choke problems, is of high pressure oil pump wear, small pressure, oil consumption caused. 

   Two common faults: Micro farming machine is difficult to start. The first check whether the liner breaking scars, and then look at the decompression handle is open; then the crankshaft bearing is badly worn. In addition, the oil according to the specified label common refueling. Fault three: micro tillage machine can not start work. 

   First check whether the fuel injection nozzle, and then check whether the fuel tank or fuel consumption of light, is clean; check the feed time is correct, whether to adjust the valve clearance Right, the compression ratio is not up to the standard. In addition, the air intake will lead to inadequate to start. The above is to share today, you still satisfied with it, welcome to our website and pay attention to our products, we will provide the perfect product for you, sincerely wish to establish business relationship with you.