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Fault Diagnosis Of Furrowing Tiller
- Nov 08, 2017 -

Furrowing tiller is the main machine busy season, but nearly half of idle machinery suddenly into battle, there may be many problems, how to correctly identify and deal with it? Explain the following small fault judgment furrowing tiller. 

Knocking: like a dull knock on the door, this is probably due to the aging of the diesel engine, bearing or engine valve damage. 

Tapping sound: sound similar to heavy knocking, but the sound is small, this sounds appear, it is likely that agricultural machinery hand for cheap use of poor quality diesel; if the use of low-quality diesel, there will be bursts of sound. 

Roar: often from the car, probably in the wheel or pump bearing damage caused by. 

A whistling sound: mostly appear in the agricultural vehicle cornering, may be a fan drive belt is loose or worn, sometimes when the tire pressure is insufficient, will also be the voice of. 

Click: it may be the damage of the cardan joint of the drive shaft, or the bending and looseness of the fan blade. Screech: it's harsh. It's usually a brake problem. 

Buzzing sound: this sounds like a bee sound, its appearance is likely to be caused by some loose parts. Overview of through the above on the furrowing machine fault judgment content, hope to have reference value for everyone, our company in order to provide first-class customer service at the same time, to establish a harmonious relationship with the customers.