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From Agricultural Micro Tillage Machine Cultivator See The Concept Of Big Development
- Aug 31, 2017 -

    From the beginning of the mini tillage machine into our country, to the production of products suited to China's national conditions, but more than twenty years, experienced from scratch, from good to good rapid development. It is precisely because of the rapid development of micro tillage machines in our country, there have been some problems, such as how should we classify the micro tillage machines in our country? What are the names? What are the difficulties? So, with these questions, the reporter interviewed relevant experts and enterprises, explore our country micro farming machine status and development history, and to readers. Imported from scratch: introduction and absorption of micro tillage machine is Italy Benassi company in agricultural machinery R & D at the end of 90s with a small diesel or gasoline engine manufacturing power last century, has the advantages of light weight, small volume, simple structure etc.. According to the Beijing municipal agricultural machinery testing promotion Zhanfuzhanchang Zhang Jingkai said: "in 90s, some Chinese enterprises from Europe and Japan and South Korea to introduce some * * * micro tillage machine, and gradually worked for the development of micro farming machinery used in china." The micro tillage machine can travel freely in the field and be convenient for farmers to use and store. It is a new type of agricultural machinery which is popular with farmers. It is understood that China's current production and marketing of micro tillage machine is divided into two major categories. A class of relatively cheap price, the air-cooled gasoline engine or water-cooled diesel engine as power transmission device with a belt or chain type gear box as the multi-purpose extension ability is limited, the structure is relatively simple, suitable for poor economic conditions, the use of relatively simple area; the other is the air-cooled diesel engine or large horsepower air-cooled gasoline machine as power, full axis gear box as the driving device, the machine adopts gear transmission, strong adaptability, cooperate with other relevant agricultural equipment, in addition to rotary tillage, can complete seeding, threshing, pumping, spraying, and power generation and transportation and many other operations. It is understood that since entering in 2000, China's micro tillage machine products and the industry itself has entered a relatively mature stage. As China's Micro farming machine one of the leading enterprises in Shandong Huaxing Machinery Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Shao Jianghua said proudly: "now we are not only popular in China, is recognized by the international buyers, pastoral management production in China have been exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and Latin america."

    With the continuous development of our country's micro tillage machine industry, it has been able to produce and produce miniature farming machines with many functions. Shao Jianghua said: "pastoral management in our company, not only has the dry land tillage, rotary tillage, paddy field pumping, transportation, ditching, spraying, spraying and other functions, and even can be harvested reed, rice and wheat. The utility model can also satisfy various agricultural requirements of different terrains and soils, such as hills, hills, paddy fields, dry land, greenhouses, orchards, etc.."

    Function development: preferential to strong, long way to go

    With the development of micro cultivator technology and manufacturing equipment, a number of problems have emerged. The reporter found in the survey, China's Micro farming machine market at this stage is still relatively confused, the lack of a unified and standard name, light is a micro tillage machine name is very different: tillers, tiller, gardening machine, pastoral management and so on, make a person dazzling, it is difficult to distinguish, reason this phenomenon is also quite complex.

Throughout the development level of micro tillage machines, there are both achievements and problems to be solved. Due to the internal production level of the current micro tillage machine industry uneven, the gap is large, such as Shandong Huaxing frequently invested tens of millions of enterprise product technology introduction and development of the minority, and follow the trend of speculation, the enterprise is not in the minority. Therefore, in order to truly enter the ranks of the world's advanced production and R & D of micro tillage machines, it is imperative to establish a unified industry standard and market access threshold first.