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Furrowing Cultivator Tiller (pastoral Cultivator Tiller) Misunderstanding Of The Most Deadly
- Sep 17, 2017 -

    Furrowing machine (pastoral management) the main function: ditching, ridging and ridging function, mainly used in ginger, green onions, potatoes, taro, sweet potato, sugarcane, grapes, strawberries and other crops ditching, ridging and ridging work, furrowing machine, furrowing machine (pastoral management) of small size (1.6 meters long * * 0.5 meters wide and 0.7 meters high, matching the machine go round after the ditch in the narrow row, line spacing is greater than 12cm or more from work, this is the advantage, can replace other machines in the moulding process, a machine can replace 10---20 artificial, artificial efficiency is dozens of times so, this machine is widely used! The friends of farmers in the use of furrowing machine (pastoral management) in the process, there are 2 fatal operation errors, Weifang crystal run agricultural machinery company will now operate 2 fatal errors are summarized as follows:, no lubricating oil to start the machine consequences: a lot of farmers and friends in the purchase to buy the machine no, in the check engine, gearbox, air filter has run Huan oil situation, then start the machine, the consequence is that:

   1, the engine oil under the condition of not starting engine consequences, not more than 1 minutes will be inside the engine cylinder, piston, piston ring, connecting rod etc. due to lack of lubrication of high temperature deformation hold cylinder.

   2, the gearbox without oil engine operation consequences, transmission gear lubrication without lubrication, resulting in high temperature deformation gear, and finally gear box stuck.

   3, filter without oil consequences, filter oil is filtered dust in the air, no oil starts, dust in the air will enter the cylinder, will increase the piston ring friction, eventually lead to machine without compression. Two, cut the knot pull in the clutch gear, a gear hanging end, both cars, motorcycles, tractors, must first pull clutch, let the machine in off state, and gear, gear must remember to hang in the end. Many farmers do not pull on the clutch gear, it is taboo, if not pull clutch gear, manufacturers also design what dry clutch! 1. do not pull clutch gear consequences, machine rotating speed, do not pull clutch gear, internal gear box is damaged, resulting in gear failure. 2 gear, it is not in the end, the gear box gear in a semi contact state, long time running gear, uneven stress, resulting in gear failure. 2 summarized above, as long as the attention of friends in the process of using the machine, the first is lack of oil, second pull clutch gear, gear end, furrowing machine (pastoral management) to use a few years without maintenance is normal