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Furrowing Machine
- Nov 22, 2017 -

We are a specialized furrowing machine company, we have a broad market to the satisfaction of products, we will continue to adhere to let more customers, constantly striving for perfection. The furrowing machine classification below you. 

Furrowing machine according to structure of a double disc and single disc type two furrowing machine; according to operation mode can be divided into a low speed and high speed multiple ditch ditch two types. Range of application: it is mainly composed of a transmission belt wheel, drive shaft, gearbox, a cutter shaft and a machine frame. 

Ditching machine is mainly used with tractor and tractor driven by supporting work the utility model. Above is the explanation of the furrowing machine, I hope you love. All members of our company in the hospital waiting for you, your trust is our biggest return.