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Government Subsidies, Mini Agricultural Tiller Is Being Popularized
- Oct 10, 2017 -

    Hill has always been a short strip of farm tiller and equipment. The topography determines that large agricultural farm can only be stopped, so the mini farm is on the stage. It is understood that, in the Hubei region, due to government subsidies, small agricultural has also been successfully popularized in some areas.       

    Recently, the reporter learned from the Hubei provincial mechanization promotion docking activities were informed that the Hubei eight farming mechanization rate has exceeded 65%. Among them, the rate of Agricultural Mechanization in plain areas was 67.4%, while that in hilly areas was only 41.2%. Hubei province "seven mountains and one water two fields", hilly areas, agriculture, forestry, planting area accounted for more, and further enhance the level of agricultural mechanization, we must crack mountain problems. "Tractor" on the mountain, what difficulties?

Difficult to use - field dispersion drop

   "The terraces look beautiful, but the conditions for agricultural production are poor." Lichuan municipal agricultural office director Mou Laigao introduced, not only small and scattered mountain paddy fields, the gap is still large, deep in mud, easy to machine, is not conducive to large and medium-sized agricultural extension. Paddy field tillage, Lichuan City, or in the micro farming machine, tractor accounted for 60% of the area. The micro tillage machine not only has poor safety, but also has great labor intensity. It is called "liberated cattle" and "liberated people" by local farmers".

   Director of the Xianning Municipal Agricultural Bureau Wu Zhaohong told reporters that the mountain land area is small, mountainous area, yield, less cold land of mud. The field size is not uniform, block apart, no tractor road, large power equipment import is very inconvenient.

Huazhong Agricultural University professor Liao Qingxi pointed out that some farmers planting habits in Hilly and mountainous areas also restricts the development of local agricultural, many places are both cropping and intercropping and continuous cropping cultivation mode, and is distributed, non contiguous planting, ridge height, which increase the difficulty of mechanization.

   Difficult to buy -- suitable for machines and tools

   Yichang is the main producing area of Citrus in Hubei province. Talking about the development of local citrus industry, deputy director of the Yichang Municipal Agricultural Bureau Huang Changxian a little worried, "fertilization, is an indispensable step in citrus production, the labor intensity is big, the rural labor has a serious shortage, and artificial ditching is not up to the depth, no organic fertilizer. Farmers need pumping trough, ditching picking, transportation and other fields of agricultural machinery."

   Huanggang Luotian is the first county in china". Huanggang Agricultural Bureau deputy director Yuan Hailin revealed that Luotian chestnut industry bottlenecks encountered mechanization. For example, rely on artificial harvest with bamboo beat down, low efficiency, and will damage the chestnuts and branches, and even hurt; chestnut processing by artificial shelling, not only slow, not health, simply can not meet the needs of mass production.

However, into the big market of agricultural machinery, but they found that in addition to micro tillage machines, small harvesters, the vast majority of agricultural machinery, mostly plain area design. Small size, strong climbing ability, low floor, anti rollover, suitable for the characteristics of the mountains and small machinery.

   Tough: to build a comprehensive platform

   The farm machinery that the farmer needs urgently, because the quantity is little, the profit is low, the manufacturer is unwilling to develop. In view of this practical problem, the provincial agricultural machinery bureau will actively strive for the relevant products into the scope of purchase subsidies, and give appropriate tilt in subsidies.

   Provincial Agricultural Secretary Liu Changhua said, the Council will actively build a mountainous area mechanization of government, enterprises, research and push the integrated information platform, to guide agricultural production enterprises to strengthen contact with research institutes, agricultural extension departments, focusing on sowing and harvesting of potato and peanut, the key technology of planting, small farm machinery science and technology to carry out different cultivation patterns, develop more suitable for mountain industrial development products.

   It is understood that in recent years, Hubei Province, through the cultivation of supporting agricultural cooperatives, family farms and other new rural business entities, guiding part of mountain counties planting in scale, standardized production, mechanized operations to carry out exploration, has made some successful experience. Such as the Xuanen county through the land transfer, to achieve the scale of planting potato; five peaks county tea garden through transformation, to promote the rapid development of tea industry; Dawu county and Hong'an county through the large-scale planting of peanut, improve the peanut production mechanization level.