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How Should The Multifunctional Micro Tillage Machine Save Oil?
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Many people will say that oil is liquid gold, because with fewer resources and increase the difficulty of exploitation, oil prices are also rising, the multifunctional micro tillage machine in use process, how to effectively and reasonably efficient work colleagues, and can reduce the use amount of oil? Today, let the small machinery for agricultural machinery for everyone to explain in detail.

There are many ways to save oil in the use of multi-functional micro tillage machines, which can save the cost for users. In oil prices rising today, multifunctional micro tillage machine users feel increased the cost of oil, small experts teach you a few tips for fuel-efficient:

First, to keep the engine constant temperature, control the normal temperature of the machine, especially in winter, cold climate, but also the newspaper water temperature at about 80 degrees, in different seasons to replace the matching oil.

Two, it is very important to maintain a multi-functional micro tillage machine, which is beneficial to the machine in the best farming state, which is very important for the oil saving of the machine.

Three, the use of multi-functional micro tillage machine, master the load of the machine, reasonable load, the most fuel-efficient, in the use of the machine to master the speed, do not hesitate to bang the big bang, to uniform speed, not speeding.

Four, in the field work, we should plan the line of arable land, reduce the machine circuitous distance, reduce fuel consumption, in addition to regularly clean the machine water cooling system debris, to prevent congestion.

Five, the use of the machine is not the most fuel-efficient but machine oil, so we should always check the multifunctional micro tillage machine parts contact is reliable, there is no loosening of the screw, the fuel tank cap seal aging can also lead to oil leakage, oil leakage phenomenon found immediately resolved.

In six, to the multifunctional micro tillage machine filling must first settle the fuel before the best precipitation two days without precipitation of impurities will plug the machine parts, resulting in a decline in performance of multifunctional micro tillage machine, fuel consumption is greater.

Finally, when cleaning the metal parts of the machine, also choose the cleaning agent on the market, don't waste oil cleaning, more fuel-efficient.