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How To Assemble Micro Tillage Tiller
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine has been a common small equipment in the field of farming, because of its small size, light weight, easy to use and operate, so received the majority of people love. Next we will tell you how to assemble tiny machines. 

1, fix the host of the six party output shaft into the walking box assembly at the lower part of the output shaft six square holes. 

2, the handrail frame is installed, we will first tooth disc is a handrail frame two fluted disc handrail frames, and pay attention to adjust the position of a handrail frame, use the attached bolt, gasket spring gasket and the handle assembly and locking. 

3. Assembly of shift lever. Will the shift lever from the handrail seat on Shift support block groove through the insertion hole, the shift sleeve, and secured with a cotter pin, the shift lever in the neutral position. Assembly 

4, trailing device is assembled in the connecting frame trailer body, connecting shaft assembly. 

5. The wheels are mounted on both ends of the six output shaft when loading the wheels, and two bolts are used, and then the nut is fixed. 

6, with inner six angle screws six party limit set in the six output shaft, the output shaft of the six party can not axially move.