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How To Choose The Right Multifunctional Micro Tillage Cultivator Tiller
- Sep 17, 2017 -

    Multifunctional micro tillage machine is one of the most important small agricultural machines for our farmers. This machine has been accepted by the vast numbers of users. Because it can be a good alternative to artificial micro farming operation, do not only saves farmers labor, more efficient to improve the cultivation efficiency, but there are so many micro tillage machine brand, how should we choose? The following to teach you how to properly select their own multi-functional micro tillage machine:

    1.First look at the quality inspection machine certificate, there is no manual and three bags of evidence in the purchase of multifunctional micro tillage machine, be sure to ask the manufacturer to machine certificate, this shows that micro farming machine after inspection and acceptance; but also there is no provincial license issued to the promotion, each one more the function of micro tillage machine through the acceptance of the relevant departments in the factory all the time, they will test in accordance with relevant national standards, as long as through the strict inspection machine to mark certificate. Regular manufacturers of multi-functional micro tillage machines will be equipped with instructions for the use of machines, instructions can guide users how to operate micro tillage machine, the use of the process encountered problems, how to solve. The three packs of vouchers are returned or maintained in accordance with the relevant three guarantees of the state. To see the instructions and three packs of models, and the actual purchase of the same model

    2.purchase of multifunctional micro tillage body look at whether there is security warning signs and multifunctional normal manufacturer of micro farming machine in key positions will be with the protective cover, to ensure safe operation of the user, in the prone position of the dangerous machine with obvious safety warning label, which responsible for the consumer personal safety.

    3. purchase of multifunctional micro tillage machine is the most important quality is to look at the various components of the machine, the good quality of machine parts, fine workmanship, no small cracks and burrs, good quality machine is operated to protect.