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How To Deal With The Micro Tillage Machine The Engine Is Not Running
- Sep 17, 2017 -

What should I do when I find out that the engine of the micro cultivator doesn't work? If the engine of the plough doesn't work, we can: check that the fuel has been used up, and if so, replenish the fuel in time. Two check the engine startup sequence is correct, check whether the boot disk can be used properly. Three check the engine compression is good, remove the method is not to pull down the pressure control lever, hand rotation check the recoil force. Four, if the diesel engine, check whether the fuel injection is not out, the exclusion method is to check whether the fuel injector stuck, whether the fuel pipeline into the air. Five if the gasoline engine, check the ignition is normal, the oil road is blocked and so on. Through the investigation of the above aspects, we can basically find out the cause of the failure of the engine of the micro tillage machine and solve it.