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How To Maintain The Garden Management Tiller In Rainy Season
- Nov 03, 2017 -

    Summer is the rainy season, like rust, pastoral management and other agricultural machinery parts in this season due to the inevitable; loose connections, and even the aging or water tank, so today to share with you the rainy season how to maintain physical method of pastoral pipe tiller. We must give pastoral management a tank of gas, and the body of the oil steering switch from "winter" turned "summer", let the oil is cooled by the radiator, and then into the main oil passage, prevention of micro tillage machine oil temperature is too high to cause unnecessary trouble.         Pastoral management engine high temperature during the day will consume part of the oil, then the micro cultivator tank pressure will become negative, moist air in the tank during the day, at night the temperature difference between day and night to the hot and humid air cooling water tank, the water will be more and more, if things go on like this will seriously damage the micro farming machine engine to solve this the problem is to stop at night when the tank of pastoral management, prevent new air cold water. In the process used to always clean up the air filter cup of water to prevent rust.