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How To Operate The Cultivator Tillers
- Sep 25, 2017 -

    At the start of the engine, carefully observe the exhaust smoke and listen to the sound of the engine, when the engine is working after the confirmation, the clutch state, select the appropriate gear, combined with clutch, tillage machine starts to rotate, can carry out field operations work, do not combine state forced gear on the clutch, otherwise break the transmission gearbox, causing unnecessary losses. If the clutch is not clear, it must be adjusted until the clutch is clear. 

    When hold the clutch handle, the clutch is in the combination of state does not hold the clutch handle or release the clutch handle, the operation method of lever type clutch separation clutch is: the lever push clutch lever, pull back, clutch. Gear selection when the clutch is separated, the gear lever is turned to the desired position, combined with the clutch, tillage machines start work (speed slow, powerful, suitable for hard soil or clay soil tillage and deep tillage soil; 2 stall speed, strength is small, suitable for the cultivation of paddy soil soft, and can improve the work efficiency). 

    When tillage, changing the connecting height of the resistance bar and the micro tillage machine, the maximum tillage depth can be adjusted, and under the tillage, the lower pressure can be lowered or the handrail raised, and the tillage depth can be adjusted at the right time.