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How To Safely Hibernate For Micro Tillage Machine?
- Oct 18, 2017 -

   It is a very important problem that how to make the micro tillage machine hibernate in winter and how to use it better for the next year. Micro tillage machine in winter, need to do the following:

    1, micro tillage machine oil, micro tillage processing engine machine is very precise, oil also is demanding, must use qualified cans of diesel oil, diesel oil using CC30 in autumn and winter, spring and summer use of CC40 diesel engine oil, and in strict accordance with the working time for replacement, the replacement of oil is running in the micro cultivator work 15-20 hours after the second time is 50 hours of work, the third time is 100-150 hours. In addition, the micro tillage machine fuel is also very important, fuel must use qualified diesel Sinopec. Because, the engine oil circuit components are very precise and expensive, good use can be used for several years, bad, may be half a day. Gearbox must use diesel engine oil, gear oil can not be used. Because the micro cultivator belongs to light machinery, light load oil must use low concentration, clutch and micro cultivator clutch are 125 type motorcycles, motorcycle and lubricating oil as we all know, oil, the concentration is very low. If a high concentration of gear oil is used, the clutch friction plate may be stuck, resulting in the clutch can not be separated. There is also a chain transmission gearbox, the steering is to use the spring will shift the steering wheel homing, if the oil is too strong, after separation, the steering disk can not be homing, resulting in the steering side lose power.


    2, timely adjustment and necessary fastening. Micro tillage machines in many places after using a period of time, some travel and gap will increase, users must make the necessary adjustments. Therefore, users need to master some of the following adjustments. The clutch, reverse gear, throttle and steering of the micro tillage machine are operated by the pull wire, and the cable is easy to deform and elongate, so it should be adjusted timely by adjusting the screw. There is a gear box, two axis, two axis of conical gear used for a period of time, will have a certain gap, one axis, two axis through the tight end screw adjustment, two conical gears to adjust by adding steel gasket. In the use of the process, the necessary fastening every day. But pay special attention to the engine screw, not easy to tighten it, mainly those directly on the aluminum alloy shell screw.