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How To Use Micro Tillage Machine To Realize Land Deep Turning
- Jul 11, 2017 -

The use of micro tillage machines to manage the fields is much easier than the traditional manual management, and arable work becomes easier and faster. However, in order to achieve good results, a very important thing must be done, that is, the deep turning of the land.

The deep plowing is because the soil is deep and the soil is soft. The roots of the plant can go deep into the soil and help to grow. Therefore, the deep plowing is an important step to improve the overall farming results. Today, the small farming series will explain in detail how to use the micro tillage machine to better land deep plowing.

First, due to the soil conditions, which is the basic condition. Because of different soil conditions, micro tillage plowing depth should be different over. In general, thick black soil, the nutrient content of upper and lower layers are more abundant, with rich organic matter, high fertility, micro farming tractor to turn, turn up the earth, and soon will be able to cure, so it may be appropriate to deep plowing, a thin layer of black soil, the organic matter is less microbial activity a weak, deep ploughing, turn up the earth, not aging, ploughing should be lighter, this kind of soil has increased year by year, so the lower the soil gradually; some soil sand stick or sticky sand, deep plowing can be sand sticking layer blending, improve soil texture.

Should pay attention to, such as sand clay layer beneath the deep layer, micro farming machine get rid of deep clay layer, may cause leakage Water Leakage adverse consequences of fertilizer, should put the depth control in the complete destruction of the clay layer is limited; heavy clay soil, because the soil porosity, permeability, so the tilling depth can be compared deep in the sandy soil; saline alkali soil, such as soil salt than subsoil, cultivated a little deeper, such as soil salt less than subsoil, with some shallow tillage micro tillage machine.

See how many can use fertilizer, fertilizer micro tillage plowing deeper, less fat to be lighter. Because the yield of deep plowing, must be obtained in organic fertilizer on the soil, if only deep plowing, no corresponding fertilizer to keep up, is not obvious, so in the case of lack of resources, not deep plowing, plowing to grasp in the mellow soil only. The plough does not move, or the fertilizer concentration in the root soil layer, and intensive rake, creating a more profound, under the virtual reality, and plenty of topsoil.

The operation of the micro tillage machine should not only master great skills, but also vary from place to place. Different plots, different functions, and different operations are also different.