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How To Use Rotary Tiller Efficiently
- Jul 11, 2017 -

First of all to understand his role, simply to plow the plots and then rake again, and occasionally also used as a paddy plow or paddy field rake use, can be used directly for non-operating paddy fields, convenient and quick. Based on years of sales and experience, we have summarized three more practical farming methods to improve the efficiency of the rotary tiller.

One, shuttle method. From one side of the plot began to farming, from a bow to another land, and then turn the direction, next to the plow of the plots to continue farming, in accordance with this law, until the end of farming. The advantage of this method is that the empty travel is less, the same time to complete the work more, the disadvantage is more turning, easy to damage the device.

Second, the law of farming. The whole farming process was spiral, from the plot around the center of the expansion, the circle is getting smaller and smaller, and finally to the center of the circle, and some did not till the last must be made up, do not stay dead. This method is worth promoting, plowing the plots look very flat, suitable for paddy field operations.

Third, sets of farming method. The plot is divided into a number of regions, each area with work, this method is more suitable for larger square block, not recommended to choose.