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Introduction To The Components Of A Digging Tillers
- Oct 08, 2017 -

    Digging tiller, tree planting, digging machine, ground drilling, adapt to a variety of different geological and area, a variety of corresponding ground and complete machinery and tools. According to your request, choose the most suitable planting hole digging machine. The digging machine is composed of an engine, a clutch, a reducer, a drill bit and a control device. The engine adopts a two stroke air-cooled gasoline engine with a power of 1.2 to 3.7 kW, and its power is driven by clutch and reducer to drive the drill bit.


   The clutch is the connecting device between the engine and the working parts, and generally adopts the centrifugal friction clutch. When the engine reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal force generated by the heavy motion of the clutch driving plate overcomes the pull of the spring, the clutch automatically engages and transfers power to the drill by the reducer. Reducer is an important part of digging machine, its role is to change the speed of the engine to the working speed of the drill bit, including cylindrical gear reducer, worm gear reducer and cycloid gear reducer. In order to adopt the cycloid reducer, it has the characteristics of large speed reduction, small size, light weight, low noise and stable transmission.


   A detachable handle structure is often used in the manipulator, which can be configured as single or double operation. The drill drill tip, blade, guide plate and soil drill rod. Drill point positioning and the blade for cutting soil, soil is the main lifting guide plate soil interaction. When the drill bit vertical downward movement of soil cutting in torque and axial force, cut the soil to loosen the soil along the guide piece face rising, transported to the ground after being thrown out of the pit. The drill bit is divided into 3 kinds according to the shape of the guide blade and the blade, spiral type, blade type and scimitar type.


   The drill stem can also be provided with a drill rod sleeve and a protective cover, so as to prevent the rod from being entangled by the grass and act as a safety guard. In order to automatically dig the drill bit of the digging machine, the machine is equipped with a reversing mechanism. The rotation speed of the bit is usually 200~300 revolutions per minute, and the speed of the round line is about 3 meters per second, so that the soil can not be thrown far away, and the drill bit is made more hard by using manganese steel. For hard soil, hard soil, clay, frozen soil and so on, it can be effective implementation, and can achieve the best work requirements.