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Maintenance Mistakes Of Garden Management Tiller
- Oct 31, 2017 -

   Pastoral management is more comprehensive, supporting the agricultural machinery, the characteristics of low noise, low emission, strong power and strong adaptability, we in the daily maintenance of pastoral management, scientific and rational, to avoid entering the following maintenance errors. 

   1, screw on the tight body. Field management machine is equipped with multi Aluminum Alloy box engine, Aluminum Alloy is clearly less than the hardness of nodular cast iron in the body, so all the screws must be in accordance with the prescribed torque force, especially the cylinder head screws, little attention will be drawing "". And try not to screw tight in the heat engine 

   2, fuel tank cap oil film sealed paper. After sealing the fuel tank, a long time work in the tank produces negative pressure, resulting in insufficient oil intake, making the machine black smoke at work, lack of power. 

   3, do not pay attention to the quality of fuel oil and lubricating oil. Poor fuel quality, not only make the power of the machine is not enough, but also accelerated the wear of the oil pump and core; lubricating oil quality directly affects the starting performance and service life of the machine, must not be careless. Yichang Yao Wan Xiang Shahe Cun Lu Qibing to reflect his machine has been used very well, because there is a lack of operation of lubricating oil, plus a renewable oil, the machine performance declined, finally after overhaul to solve the problem. 

   4. Cooling water for air cooler. Some hands see the air cooler temperature higher, worried about damage to the machine, with water to help cool down. Is actually very wrong, sudden cooling water, the cylinder suddenly shrink, easily broken ring, cylinder, cylinder and even rupture. 

   5. Wind shield and wind deflector for demolition of air cooler. Some hands do not know the role of the wind shield and the wind deflector, think it is dirt things, you can not, arbitrary disassembly, resulting in the fan wind can not concentrate, lost the cooling effect. 

   6, diesel atomization bad, only change nozzle. The problem of poor atomization of diesel fuel is mainly caused by the wear of high-pressure oil pump, small pressure and low oil content. 

   7, do not pay attention to class maintenance. Some hands think that a few days to do a maintenance on the line, in fact, wear and tear is a process of accumulation, class maintenance is the same as the main. 

   8. Improper use of sealant for engine eccentric gasket. Partial cover pad using the sealant, the excess glue easily into the gear box, because of long time working and suction pump, it is easy to plug the oil into the oil sealing hole, so that the crankshaft and connecting rod without effective lubrication. Our company produces farm management machine and other agricultural equipment. Our company is thoughtful, excellent, satisfactory after-sales service. Willing to join hands with the community and the vast number of farmers friends together to create a better future.