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Maintenance Of Micro Tillage Tiller
- Oct 23, 2017 -

   Because the working environment of micro tillage machine is bad, maintenance is particularly important. In the work of micro tillage machine, because parts rub each other, vibration, oil, mud, water invasion, inevitably cause parts wear, loose connection, corrosion aging. Therefore, the technical state of the micro tillage machine is deteriorated, the power is decreased, the fuel consumption is increased, the wear is accelerated, and the faults occur constantly.


   In order to prevent the occurrence of the above, it is necessary to strictly implement the maintenance system of "prevention is more important than treatment, and maintenance is more important than repair". Some hands see the air cooler temperature higher, worried about damage to the machine, with water to help cool down. Is actually very wrong, sudden cooling water, the cylinder suddenly shrink, easily broken ring, cylinder, cylinder and even rupture. 

   Poor quality fuel, not only makes the machine power is not enough, but also accelerated the wear of pump and the core sleeve; the micro cultivator is equipped with multi Aluminum Alloy box engine, Aluminum Alloy is clearly less than the hardness of nodular cast iron in the body, so all the screws must be in accordance with the prescribed torque force, especially the cylinder head screws, a little attention will be drawing "". And try not to screw tight in a heat engine.