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Matters Needing Attention In Garden tiller
- Oct 20, 2017 -

   As an important tool, the pastoral tiller is of great significance to our life. How much do you know about the garden tiller? Today, we tells you about the matters needing attention in the garden tiller.


    1, carefully read pastoral management manual, master the structure and performance of field tiller should not act as "opinionated, read hastily and without thinking, know-all".

    2, the operation of rural management confidential follow the operating procedures, maintenance of rural management confidential, pay attention to the method, should not be careless, can not play fiddle with.


    3, pastoral management functions are limited, load speed regulation, avoid "small Mara carts", tanxiaoshida.


    4, firmly unable to operate the defective garden tiller, once found the garden tiller has the fault, must stop the operation immediately, carries on the maintenance and the maintenance in time. The above is the attention of pastoral management, I hope for your help, our pastoral management has been widely used, many customers service, we constantly strive to create more satisfactory products.