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Micro Cultivtor Manufacturers Show The Common Sense Of Framing Tillers Operation
- Oct 13, 2017 -

1, micro framing tillers operators must be trained or read the machine instructions before operating the machine, not familiar with the operation method of personnel operation is strictly prohibited. 

2, micro framing tillers operators should be Caution! Warning signs on the machine, reading the content of signs carefully, and express the other operator. 

3, micro framing tillers operators must pay attention to prevent injuries caused by moving parts winding. Check whether all exposed rotating parts have been well protected. 

4, micro tillage machine operator fatigue, so as to avoid accidents. 

5, micro framing tillers manufacturers to remind each work must be checked before the engine and transmission oil is sufficient. 

6, before use must check whether the various components and the gearbox, engine bolts loosening and shedding phenomenon. 

7, check the operating member (bit) is flexible and effective. 

8, installed the tillage knife, must confirm the symmetry of working face on the front edge, otherwise not normal use. 

9, before the start of the engine must check whether the separation position in the clutch, the gear lever is in neutral position. 

10, micro framing tillers manufacturers in order to ensure the normal operation of the engine, prolong the service life, the engine must be empty load operation after the launch, is 5 to 10 minutes before working, before starting to work 1 to 2 hours is best not to high speed and heavy load work. If there is a runaway phenomenon when the engine starts, it should cut off the oil supply or block the air duct quickly to stop the engine from stalling immediately. 

11, the resistance bar height to be adjusted at any time according to the work, keep the body horizontal position, to prevent excessive tilt due to engine damage, resulting in poor lubrication of engine. 

12, operation process should be forbidden to touch touch all kinds of rotary cutting tools, to avoid injury, and away from the high temperature exhaust pipe burn. 

13, replacing the cutting tool, remove weeds and maintenance inspection, must be made before the engine stops running. 

14, improve the operating speed of the cutter is prohibited in any way. 

15, engine speed, power and other parts in the experimental stage has been adjusted to normal, non random adjustment. 

16, the machine does not have a lighting device in night work is prohibited. 

17, micro farming machine in near field angle, groove, hole, canal operations to low speed. 

18, adding oil should stop and avoid fire. 

19, in the slope area operations should pay attention to machine balance, can work along the slope direction, slope should be less than 25 degrees.

20, when the machine is running, is prohibited near or touching the rotating parts, so as to avoid accidents.