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Micro Tillage Cultivator Tiller Use And Maintenance
- Sep 17, 2017 -

    Micro tillage machines, agricultural appliances in the new era, with light weight, small size, simple structure and so on, are very portable and fast, and are being accepted by the broad masses of farmers friends. Micro tillage machine can be applied to plain, mountainous and hilly land, paddy field, orchard etc.. Together with the appropriate equipment for power generation, pumping, spraying, spraying operations, can also pull trailers for short distance transportation, micro tillage machine has the flexibility, can exercise freely in the fields, and is convenient for users to use and storage, eliminating the large agricultural machinery can not enter the field in trouble, a lot of time to save the farmers in the busy season. Good equipment, good maintenance can be used only for a long time, again, for maintenance methods introduce several points of micro tillage machine.

   1, micro farming pay attention to oil. Micro tillage machine engine oil, diesel engine oil must be qualified, and in strict accordance with the working time for refueling, replace the oil in 15-20 hours after the second time in 50 hours, third times in 100-150 hours, the gearbox must use diesel engine oil, gear oil can not be used. Because micro tillage machines are light machines, low light load oil must be used.

   2, micro tillage machine for fastening and adjusting the necessary time, micro farming machine in use after a period of time, some travel and the gap will increase, the user must own the necessary adjustments.

   3, micro farming machine maintenance, the use of daily cleaning, and fastening screws, timely co rrection of deformation, anti rust treatment in winter.