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Micro Tillage Machine Cultivator Tiller Running And Maintenance
- Sep 25, 2017 -

    In order to keep the best performance of the micro tillage machine, the new micro tillage machine must be running in, and the micro tillage machine in use must be regularly maintained and maintained. In the purchase of new micro tillage machine use is running in stage, the accelerator can not be too large, the engine must be running speed (file, farming) in operation after 12 hours, while the oil plug, put off state engine crankcase oil release, and then tighten the bolt, the new oil from oil add enough oil, but also to replace the gearbox gear wear, micro cultivator work and gear box, the engine is difficult to start, increased fuel consumption, serious horsepower decreases, causing damage to the machine.

]    Maintenance, daily maintenance, check fuel tank fuel, engine oil and transmission gear oil, and if water cooled engine, check the cooling water in the tank. Check and adjust belt tightness. Clear the surface of oil, dirt, weeds, etc. Check and fasten the connecting bolts and pin of each part. In addition to the completion of daily maintenance and maintenance projects outside the hour, also should complete the following items: replacement of engine oil; gasoline engine scavenging "plug electrode carbon cremation, cremation adjustment plug gap mm 108 mm; check and adjust the valve clearance (to be adjusted in the cooler state). 

    Gasoline engine: inlet valve clearance mm mm, exhaust door clearance mm mm diesel engine: inlet valve clearance 0.15 mm 0.25 mm cleaning fuel filter filter cartridge and air filter element. In addition to the completion of 100 hours of maintenance and maintenance projects outside hours, should also complete the following items: tightness check valve; check the connecting rod bearing clearance; remove piston surface area carbon, replace the piston rings when necessary; replacement of worn blade.