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Micro Tillage Machine Excellent Quality, Low Price
- Sep 23, 2017 -

    Many people think that the micro farming machine running in the machine is not too important, in fact, this is not the case, micro tillage machine running is very important, in the use of micro tillage machine before only will check ready to boot after use. The clutch, reverse gear, throttle and steering of the micro tillage machine are operated by pull wires. It can also tow trailers for short distance transportation. My neighbor bought a micro tillage machine for 5 years, and so far, the micro tillage machine has not been out of any big trouble, the annual volume of work in more than 150 acres, farming quality is good, farmers are very high evaluation. Micro cultivator ordinary use should pay attention to do not block the piston, resulting in the ring groove is not smooth, can not completely burn oil, damage the engine.

    To understand the structure of the machine, performance, how to use and so on, only a micro tillage machine has a certain understanding in order to use in handy. In the use of micro tillage machine, bolts and nuts easily loose, and micro tillage machine adjustment bolts in all parts should be carefully examined. The micro tillage machine is small and light in weight, and is especially suitable for use in greenhouses, orchards and other places. The miniature cultivator used in the greenhouse is compact, stable and reliable in operation and simple and flexible in operation. The price of the micro tillage machine is acceptable to the common people. It is a kind of small farm machinery. The work efficiency is high, the amount of work on the 6, 8 acres, 1 head of cattle prices, 5 head of cattle effect, is suitable for the machine instead of cattle. The use of micro tillage machine instead of traditional small hand, through increasing tillage depth, improve soil fragmentation rate. For the people's friends, how to buy the best quality, lowest price, the best effect of micro tillage machine is our common concern.