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Micro Tillage Machine Troubleshooting
- Sep 23, 2017 -

(one) unable to move the car. 

1 check the tank for oil and whether the fuel is clean. 

2. Check that the fuel tank switch is open. 

3, check whether the fuel injector nozzle. 

(two) it is difficult to start.

1, the pressure relief handle is open.

2, oil is marked by refueling. 

3, crankshaft bearings are seriously worn?.

4, cylinder liner "pull"?". 

(three) lack of engine power. 1 color is black, the engine 

(1) into the oil supply is not correct. 

(2) the valve clearance is not correct. 

(3) compression is not up to standard. 

(4) the air intake is insufficient. 

(5) a slight "cylinder" and the crankshaft bearing wear. 

2, the blue color is the main engine is burning oil should be discharged crankcase excess oil.

3, color is white is the main engine fuel with water. The fuel should be filtered by precipitation.