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Mini Tillage Machine Into Greenhouse
- Jul 11, 2017 -

In recent years, the center of town to accelerate agricultural structural adjustment, the development of 800 acres of pollution-free modern greenhouse vegetable planting base, the development of winter greenhouse strawberry, more than 500 large and small arch shed more than 3000, the development of 400 acres of greenhouse vegetable planting base. But because of the particularity, the greenhouse structure space is low, inconvenient to use large mechanized farming, planting, and small mechanical single operation basically no greenhouse land sowing and filming on the basic operation, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, the increase in labor costs was once a bottleneck of the town infrastructure development efficient agricultural scale. 

In order to solve the time constraints, give full play to the town agricultural sector Agricultural Association, has introduced the promotion of tillers, effective plant protection machinery and ridging machine, irrigation system for greenhouse application characteristics of agricultural machinery, agricultural characteristics allow growers to easily farming, effectively boosting the development of agricultural scale facilities. At present, the town has more than 40 micro tillage machine, with micro tillage machine represented by the characteristics of agricultural machinery, is gradually becoming a good helper farmers planting facilities.