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New Model Of Modern Farming Machinery
- Jul 11, 2017 -

With the land transfer, rural construction, family farms and large grain farming scale planting continue to emerge, making the rural to demand more and more large agricultural machinery, the requirements of modern farming machinery is more and more high.

The traditional wheeled tractor ploughing, although high efficiency but large tires severely damaged mud strata, especially the widespread use of large tractors, usually continuous use of large and medium-sized wheeled tractor with rotary tillage of paddy field, mud leakage caused by Water Leakage generally deepened, fat, not suitable for farmland protection. Shaoxing City, through the investigation of the introduction of appropriate crawler self-propelled rotary tiller, and held the spot demonstration, the machine has small ground pressure, anti sagging ability, stable tilling depth, soil crushing performance after tillage stubble, the surface smooth, small damage to the soil structure, the advantages of strong ability, can meet the different depth of mud operation requirements, can effectively improve the city environment cultivation.