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Oil Removing Method For Micro Tillage Machine
- Sep 22, 2017 -

After a long time, the micro tillage machine should do some cleaning and oil removal, which can not only improve the working efficiency of the micro tillage machine, but also extend the life of the machine. Then, how do you remove the oil for the micro tillage machine?

1. Remove oil with organic solvent. In order to prevent the alkali solution of precision micro tillage machine (such as high pressure pump, fuel injector etc.) strong corrosion, the general use of organic solvents, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, alcohol, cleaning of such parts, generally without heating.

2 、 use aluminum alloy cleaning fluid to remove oil. Because alkali solution has a strong corrosive effect on aluminum alloy, and organic solvent is expensive, therefore, when more aluminum alloy parts need to be repaired, aluminum alloy cleaning liquid can be arranged for cleaning. Generally use sodium silicate or sodium carbonate solution with a small amount of potassium dichromate to prepare, heating up to about 60~70 degrees, you can get the best cleaning effect.

3. Remove oil with alkaline solution. For the removal of animal and vegetable fats and mineral oil on the surface of iron and steel parts, alkaline solution can be added to a small amount of emulsifier and cleaned after heating. If the use of pressure injection, oil removal effect is better. After cleaning, spray the heated water to rinse off the alkali solution remaining on the part surface.