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Operation Rules Of Multifunctional Garden Management Rotary
- Sep 27, 2017 -

    Fuel and lubricating oil filling, use and start must check fuel and oil, and according to regulations added. 

    1 fuel injection: should be in accordance with the instructions of the engine, to the fuel tank to add a specified grade of gasoline and diesel. If the engine is a gasoline engine, then the 90# gasoline is added. If the engine is a diesel engine, then the 0# diesel is added.

    2, add lubricating oil, in the confirmation engine flameout, horizontal engine, check the oil dipstick scale line, if not enough, add oil. Diesel engine: use No. 30 oil in summer and use No. 20 oil in winter. Gasoline engine: add motor oil, engine oil. Add oil to the specified scale. Oil or grease should always be applied to the output shaft. In the control of both ends of the cable movement, often drip some oil.

    3. Check and clean the air filter and fuel filter. Check and clean the air cleaner, remove the air cleaner housing, check if the filter is clean, and if you have debris, you need to clean the filter core. Then reinstall. Check and clean the fuel filter. Open the fuel tank cover, remove the filter and brush gently with a brush.