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Precautions For The Purchase Of A Micro Tillage Machine
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Our company specializes in micro ploughing machines and other products, in order to make better choice of products, today we talk about the attention to the purchase of micro tillage machine. Micro tillage machine quality and the brand is not what relationship, mainly to see the configuration and price, some senior is air-cooled diesel models, direct drive not bad. The second is the belt of the gasoline engine, which is better than the manual clutch of an inverted two. Diesel micro tillage machine horse power foot, gasoline micro tillage machine speed high, what demands to focus, we should choose the corresponding micro tillage machine. Diesel micro tillage machine relative to the price of gasoline micro farming machine prices are high because the manufacturing structure of micro tillage machine of diesel and gasoline micro tillage machine is different, gasoline micro tillage machine generally adopts Aluminum Alloy material, diesel micro tillage machine mostly for cast iron, so micro tillage machine diesel production cost ratio gasoline tiller weight is also high, than the same horsepower gasoline micro tillage machine, so the price expensive than gasoline micro tillage machine. The first diesel engine, don't because of light and choose the gasoline engine, because in the farming process, without a certain weight is not possible so quickly to the efficiency of Tian Genghao. Hope the above introduction to help you, sincerely look forward to your choice of our products, we believe that the quality of the products will make you satisfied.

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