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Remote Controlled Micro Tillage Machine
- Sep 06, 2017 -

    In order to alleviate the labor intensity of fruit growers, the Haidian District Agricultural Machinery Research Institute and the Haidian District Agricultural Scientific Research Institute jointly organized the introduction and demonstration activities of remote controlled micro tillage machines. Remote micro tillage machine developed by Luoyang mastersoft tractor Co. Ltd., is suitable for orchard farming. Through the matching of different tools, it can realize many kinds of agricultural operations, such as plowing, ditching, fertilizing, weeding, spraying and so on. It is a typical self-propelled multifunctional machine. This promotion mainly carried out standardized planting, fruit trees ditch operation demonstration. The machine has abandoned the traditional manual walking and driving mode, and can walk and work automatically simply by pressing the corresponding remote control button. The demonstration shows that the remote controlled micro tillage machine has better passing performance, the depth of rotary tillage is 25 cm, and the width of rotary tillage is 80 cm, which improves the labor efficiency of fruit growers.