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Startup And Shutdown Of Garden Management Tiller
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Our company is a specialized R & D, production and operation of small and medium-sized agricultural machinery company, our company always strengthen management, always pursue the perfect spirit of enterprise, with all walks of life friend create brilliance. The following is the start and shutdown of the garden management engine. The start of the engine of the garden management machine: open the fuel switch, adjust the handle to pull the starting position, hold the recoil and start the work. If it is winter, cold weather, the diesel engine is difficult to start, before starting can remove the cylinder head cover gas plug, inward add 2 ml of oil.


Moreover, the diesel engine must be preheated for five minutes after starting. Pastoral management engine shutdown: first speed regulation control lever to the low position, running without load for five minutes of the diesel engine, and then the control lever to the position of "stop", do not use the decompression handle off, the fuel switch return to the "off" position. The company has always pursued the "science and technology oriented, quality of survival" business philosophy, and constantly open up, innovation and development. General manager Zhang Shengchen with all the staff is willing to pioneering and innovative spirit, sincere cooperation attitude, in line with the "customer first, all for the user service" purpose, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate with us, to create albert.